Whether you’ve been named the executor of an estate, looking to downsize your home, or would like to sell one or more items of value, Ageless Auctions of Sarasota, Florida can personally guide you through the process of selling at auction. Attracting national and international buyers, our auctions achieve the exposure and results sellers deserve.​



  • Qualified Buyers come prepared to buy

  • Ability to sell quickly

  • Competition can drive up prices during an auction

  • No negotiation process needed

  • Nationwide shipping on most items

When consigning items please - 

  • write a clear list for your items.

  • ​Book a drop off appointment when bringing in your items. This is not the same as a pick up time. Please send an email through our contact page and we will be happy to send you the appointment link. We do not post the consignment appointment link publicly.

  • Send us your information and photos using the form below.

***We do charge an additional fee if a list and basic description of your items is not provided at drop off.


***Please mention any condition issues with each lot, if any exist, and as much valid information as possible. No one knows your items better than you!