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Frequently asked questions

  • What are Ageless Auctions?
    Auctions @ Ageless Auctions are a great way to bring folks and memories back together. With us, you can inspect the items before you bid! We invite you to stop by our Sarasota online auction Gallery at 8259 Blaikie Court Sarasota, FL 34240 to take a look (preview days & times located under auction info tab). If you are unable to visit in person, we take pride in the amount and quality of pictures for your convenience. Each auction item has a “soft close”. A soft close means if an item receives a bid in the final minutes of the auction, the time is extended by 3 minutes, giving you another opportunity to bid. This process continues until bids are no longer received & the timer hits zero. This makes the auction similar to a live auction where the auctioneer continues asking for additional bids until bids are no longer received.
  • How do I register for an auction?
    Go to one of our online auctions and click on the register link. You only need to register once – after that, you can login to any of our auctions. A credit card is required to register and the card you register with will be charged for any items won (cash is accepted with prior notification) . We do make payment exceptions for high dollar items – please read the terms and conditions for each auction to determine how payment will be collected, or call our office if you need some exceptions.
  • Where can I find the terms and conditions for an auction?
    Terms and Conditions are located under “Auction Details” on the auction event page
  • How does the auction end?
    An auction ends when all bidding has ended. The auction end date and the time lots begin closing is posted for each online auction. If a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes, the auction will extend an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until no more bids are received and the timer runs out. (Some auctions have longer/shorter extensions, please see Terms of Service for current auction).
  • How do I know I if I’ve been outbid or won an auction?
    You should receive emails letting you know you've been outbid, or you will receive an invoice via email when you're the winning bidder. Make sure the email you register with is current, so you don't miss these important emails (don't forget to check your spam folder).
  • How do I pay for the items I won?
    Payment terms are specified in each of the auction’s terms and conditions (see auction details). We do offer inhouse or third party shipping on many items.
  • Can items be shipped?
    In-house shipping is available on many of our auction lots. Check the current auction for shipping availability. Shipping is at the buyer expense.
  • How to buy through your favorite Sarasota auction house?
    Buying at Ageless Auctions is a simple process. Click current auctions to find the auction you are interested in. ​ Click the “Register to Bid’ button for the auction you would like to participate in. ​ Enter your login credentials, or, if you've never registered for one of our auctions, click on the “Click here if you are a new bidder” button to create an account. You will only need to create a login one time – it will then work at all future auctions. ​ Registration requires you to submit a credit card through Hibid, or select a card you already have on file. The card you submit will be used to pay for items you are high bidder on unless you contact us for other payment options before the auction begins to close. There is no cost to register or bid – you will only pay for the items you are the high bidder on, plus the Buyer’s Premium. ​ You are now registered and can bid on any item at Ageless Auctions. You can submit bids in 2 different way. ​ -----Bid the next increment – this will increase the bid to the next increment and make you the high bidder until someone outbids you. ------Place a “maximum bid”. Placing a maximum bid puts you in at the next increment, but will keep you the high bidder automatically until your maximum is reached. This makes the bidding process easier since you do not need to continually place additional bids when someone else outbids you. ​ *** Remember – all bids are final. Retractions are not allowed. Please make sure you're bidding on the correct lot and you've inspected the item to your satisfaction before placing your bid. ​ Anytime you are outbid, you should receive an email so you can increase your bid. ​ Once the auction ends, you'll receive an email letting you know which items you won the bid on. Your credit card, of record, will be charged and you can then come by the auction gallery to claim your items during the current auction pickup days and times. Call us for any special arrangements needing to be made for pickup, although not guaranteed, we will do our best to make arrangements on occasion.. ​ Please note: our auctions have a “soft close” – this prevents other bidders from coming in and “sniping” your favorite lot at the last minute. Any bid received on a lot in the last few minutes of the auction will automatically extend 3 minutes giving other bidders a chance to bid. This will continue until no further bids are received and the clock runs out. ​ If you need any assistance with registering or bidding, please contact us by phone (941) 841-0303 or email
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